The Bekumo logo design was created on behalf of tecgenie, for an iPad app called ‘Bekumo’ (Japanese translation as ‘hazy cloud.’).

As soon as I had digested all the information from the briefing, I spent some time researching the market (there’s a lot of ‘cloud’ logos out there!). The following day I started sketching out initial ideas.


The first idea I came up with was turning the ‘B’ of Bekumo onto its side, creating the cloud icon – which was an important factor in this logo mark. Each logo design project I take on is different, and the time it takes to work out the ‘big idea’ that really hits the mark – can come down to either a few days or a few weeks.

I called the client and described the ‘B’ turning into a cloud icon from my first idea and they loved it, so I set to work on working up a selection of designs based around this.


After a few rounds of designs, the final logo and icon was approved and I produced a set of logo files, a one page logo guidelines and the app icon files for the iPhone and iPad devices.



Client’s feedback:

We are a new start-up entering a new market segment, Enterprise Applications, and while it’s a still a new/ green fields market, we will be competing against a range of large established corporates and other new companies to try to establish ourselves in the this exciting new arena.

Key to achieving this was to have a well though out brand that looks good, is instantly recognisable, and works with what business we are in. After much searching for a design agency, we decided to move forward with Designbull – and we are glad that we did!

Designbull came up with the ‘B’ from Bekumo as a cloud – it was inspirational! It stands out and the logo works amazingly well for us across a range of uses.

We found working with Andy at Designbull very easy. He understood our needs, and were patient as we evolved our thinking over the design process, and what we ended up with has far exceeded our expectations. As we go through the funding process we are always complemented on the Bekumo name and logo identity. It’s a real asset to us as we move forward.

Andrew Nicolson COO of tecgenie