Property Document Vault is an online cloud storage application designed specifically for property owners and landlords. It is based on the SharePoint platform. We designed the logo identity and icon imagery for the application.

Once the client had completed the Logo Design Worksheet, the brief was to create a clear and simple logo and icon for the cloud-based document storage application.
1. Draft sketches were drawn up to try to find a solution using the well-known ‘cloud’ icon, and combining this with documents and commercial property:PDV_sketches
2. From the sketches, initial logo options were shown to the client which included ideas using a safe lock and a paper clip in the shape of a house:PDV_logo_ideas1

3. The commercial property aspect was not obvious in the previous icons, so we looked at using building shapes in or around the cloud – and also a more recognisible padlock icon:PDV_logo_ideas2PDV_logo
4. The final logo and icon was chosen and finalised. This was incorporated into a clear one-page brand guideline. We provided the logo saved into various formats for web and print and the client has used this to help in their new template website.PDV_logo_guidelines