After the logo worksheet was completed and the initial meeting, we extracted a good understanding of what she required, some of which the information is shown below:

“I am a positive and happy person and I believe that, on balance, life should be fun. That includes work. So I want to do interesting jobs which stretch me intellectually. And to work with people I like and who, like me, care passionately about doing a good job. 

I am looking to provide my clients with insight into their problems, analysis around the causes of those problems and options for addressing them. My strengths, and what I would like Rainbow to embody are energy, enthusiasm and passion combined with a directness that helps to get quickly to the core of the issues… At present my customers are all public sector organisations needing to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their operations.”

1. Initial ideas drawn up and vectorised in Illustrator for presentation and approval. Below are just a few of the initial ideas:


2. From the approved logos, chosen version tweaked and coloured in Illustrator:


3. The final logo was saved into various file formats for print and web, and a one page brand guidelines PDF prepared.


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