We presented two concepts which included brand characters, imagery and icons. The first one with the tag line, “Your One-Stop Shop for Business IT”:

And the second one, which they chose, with the tag line, “Making IT Simpler”:vpw_identity1

We then started work on the icons and the brand characters, including V-Man (with assistance from our associate Illustrator, Garry Walton):vpw_characters_icons


Once the logo, colours, characters and imagery were agreed, we worked up the full brand guidelines document:vpw_identity4vpw_identity5vpw_identity10 vpw_identity9 vpw_identity8 vpw_identit7

From this, they could develop their Microsoft templates, website structure and marketing material.vpw_web_1000x844

And a recent design from this was the direct mailer postcard where the V-Man character was launched. (The artworked card was printed and mailed through the CFH docmail service.)