New user interface and customer journey to raise brand awareness and credibility, drive traffic to their retailers and collect user data.
The EX1 Cosmetics brand was created by British award winning biochemist Farah Naz in 2013. She aims to be the first mass market brand catering for olive skin with yellow undertones.

The problem

Their old site and branding style was dark, hard to read and wasn’t creating an emotional connection with their audience. which from the analytics were found to be 70% 14-24 year old women.

This caused friction over the design and brand and they were getting high bounce rates that affected their sales.

What we did

The new site UI design update needed to help her towards her goals and align with her other marketing activities. Working with Nitesh Sharoff who supplied the strategy, customer story and content, we developed clickable wireframe designs for mobile first, then desktop.

Foundation Finder UI

And part of the brand website refresh, the main goal was to get the customer to try out the foundation finder device, choose their perfect foundation and purchase.

Website launch

The refreshed brand website design was launched with great success and helped guide the brand messaging with suggested headlines and microcopy that appealed to their ideal audience.

And since relaunching with the new UI design, they have taken the beauty world by storm and is now one of the go-to brands for A-Listers, supermodels and pop stars alike.


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