Ascent is my first font design created in Illustrator using FontSelf. A display font, that contains all uppercase characters, numbers and punctuation.

Ascent is currently available as an OTF format that can be installed on a variety of software on PCs and Mac’s.

If you’d like to support me and get a copy, Ascent is available to?buy for only $11 on Envato Marketplace

Do email me a copy of your final design, and if you can add a tiny credit, “font by Designbull” in your design, I would be so grateful. 🙂

Thanks, and enjoy!

Andy Fuller

Andy Fuller

Hi, I'm a logo, brand and UX/UI designer, brand strategist and general blogger. Passionate on helping creative entrepreneurs and ecomms launch and grow their digital experience. As well as drumming on me bongo drums by night :)

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