Setting up an online business can help you reap several benefits, including wider customer reach, reduced costs, and increased revenue due to the accessibility of your products and services. Research shows that 82% of small online businesses in the UK said that having an online presence helped them grow. But while offering services online can help small businesses thrive, several considerations must be taken into account, including finding the right broadband provider.

Broadband connectivity can affect the efficiency and productivity of retailers, especially since small online businesses rely heavily on digital transactions. This underscores the importance of picking the right broadband provider that can cater to your needs. Below, we take a look at broadband considerations for small online businesses:

Ability to support cybersecurity solutions

A small online business is vulnerable to cyber-attacks and data breaches that can harm your customers and brand reputation. The UK government reported that from 2022 to 2023, 32% of small businesses encountered a cyber attack or breach, prompting the need for tighter security measures. To help improve cybersecurity and data privacy, you should consider broadband speed, especially since high-speed broadband can enable you to regularly update software and back up data to avoid ransomware attacks and data loss. High-speed broadband also allows you to effectively set up firewalls and encryption tools to protect your business from online attacks. With a broadband speed that can support cybersecurity measures, you and your customers are extra protected against data breaches.

Strength and consistency 

According to the Worldwide Broadband Speed League, the UK has an average internet speed of 72.06Mbps, which is generally good. To provide quick and top-notch services to your clients, invest in strong, consistent full fibre business broadband to help you manage your business online. With Zzoomm’s Full Fibre broadband, you can enjoy fast and reliable broadband strength with fibre optic cables, and you don’t have to spend a penny on installation and activation since they’re free. You can even enjoy up to 2Gbps internet strength that can support video conferencing and other tasks to help you manage your business. That way, you won’t have to worry about broadband interruptions that can disrupt your operations.

Frequency of price increase

Another thing to consider when choosing a broadband provider is the prices, and how often they increase. Last year, major telecom providers in the UK announced price increases, with some considering as much as a 13.8% hike. Paying hefty broadband costs may hurt your business revenue, and you’ll need to consider whether these costs are worth it for the speed and services you’ll receive. To help you stay practical and save more money that can then be used for managing your small company, opt for low-cost internet deals or research providers that do not have a high annual price increase.

Capacity to host business websites

For your business to reach a wide audience, you need to ensure that your broadband provider is suitable for setting up and managing your website. According to Forbes, 40% of internet users immediately leave a website if it takes more than three seconds to load, which is why considering a broadband provider with a strong connection is important. When you create and maintain a website, be sure to provide the best services possible by making it efficient and accessible, as well as by providing regular updates to help with design, UX, and loading speed. 

Investing in a fast, strong, and reliable broadband provider for your online business is a cornerstone of providing the best services to your clients. 

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This article was written by Irene J. Krach.

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