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The Guardian Small Business Network?is a dedicated community where you can gain access to best practice resources, expert advice, live Q&As and entrepreneur blogs. They send out regular showcase?campaigns for you to enter a story about your small business on a relevant subject. They then put your article up onto the Guardian website and choose the best ones to showcase in the regular paper – so I’d recommend signing up as it can provide?great PR with a national newspaper!

They’ve had previous showcases including:

Winning new business,
Starting up,
Exporting and

The latest showcase is on Logistics: Delivering Growth.?

Once I’d registered they emailed me on their latest campaign for small businesses to enter into.??I submitted an article?to them on?Marketing and PR excellence?for ?my business. You can read?the article below and?also view it on their site.

Designbull specialise in creating professional business brand identities. Back in February, ready for Valentine’s Day, we sent out a number of quality, personalised greeting card mailers to a target market of 50 professional consultant businesses within our area.

Each address was handwritten on red envelopes to encourage people to open them. Inside was an A5 Valentine’s style card, an introduction letter and three cards showing case studies of brand designs for existing clients.

The message, ‘Fall in love with your business again and achieve your long-term goals for the business that deserves a second honeymoon!’ was a call to those businesses who were not happy with their brand identity.

The cards were followed up by a telephone call to see if they were interested in our free business brand analysis.

The people we spoke to who recieved the mailer said they loved it and we had a positive response overall. From the 50 people we mailed, we received responses from four very interested businesses who are looking to rebrand and one contact came to our office for our detailed business brand analysis.

So, overall a great campaign for us in terms of attracting new brand projects to our business. We are planning to repeat it after refining our offering for next Valentine’s Day.

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