I am always on the look out for well-written and beautifully designed children’s books. Some of my happiest moments after becoming a mother are the ones spent reading books to my 21-month-old son.

If I don’t have a book to buy in mind – a book recommended by a friend or a book with good reviews? – how do I choose which one to buy?among the hundreds of books in a book shop? Which elements will catch my attention first and which ones will make me want to read it and buy it? The design of its cover first, then its title and its content.

‘A Bit Lost’ by Chris Haughton is my latest found. It was sitting on a shelf together with other books. Its chances of being noticed by me was the same as other books, but this book got my attention straight away, because not just the cover but the whole book is beautifully illustrated. The writer, who is also the illustrator, explains the process of making of the book on his website in detail here.

sketches by Chris Haughton

It is a story about a cute, big-eyed owlet who falls from his nest and starts looking for his mother with the help of a pink squirrel. The story is sweet and is cleverly written to capture the attention of young children. So, I decided to buy it and read it to my son (who, by the way, didn’t find it too interesting!).

A Bit Lost, spread 1

A Bit Lost, spread 2

On this occasion I certainly made an initial judgement by purely looking at the cover of the book. The illustration design of the cover, the typeface design and the use of colours all appealed to me, but it was the combination of good design and strong content which convinced me to buy it.

By Secil Fuller, Designbull.

Secil Fuller

Secil Fuller

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