My partner is Turkish and her family are from Antalya and we go over every year to visit. Antalya is primarily a tourist area and has grown and changed a great deal over the past ten years.

With the expansion of huge mega hotels along the coast and new apartment blocks being built over old houses to maximise space, there is a surge of businesses, large and small that work out of these apartments.


From banks to shoe shops, convenience stores to furniture stores. And they all have branding to advertise themselves through their signage, packaging or advertising.?This year I have noticed that these logos and designs are now catching my eye. Perhaps it’s the increased competition or the better understanding of how branding works so here are a few designs I came across:

1. ?ilek

(translates as strawberry) is a modern furnture shop from Turkey. They have lots of shops and stores. I love the bright colours and clean graphics of their logo and brand identity. It really pops out from the street scene.



logo was redesigned recently. The original yellow alien brand characters antennae now being used as the emblem (and as funky kids hats!)


3. Ar?elik & Beko

Ar?elik & Beko are household brand names in Turkey – you may even have a Beko fridge in your kitchen. They’re everywhere now. I like the friendly typeface created for the new Arcelik logo.


4. Akinogullari

This is a plumbing and parts shop logo sign. I just love the design style of the angular lettering and typography. The designer really has spent time and thought in creating this lettering. UPDATE: Here is a very similar font that you can try out: Origami?by?Peter Fritzsche


5. Harley Davidson

This is a Harley Davidson motorbike shop opposite where we were staying in Antalya. It?is a worldwide brand and they have got very popular recently in Turkey.


6. Fuse Tea

Fuse Tea logo branding on can. This is a new drink and their brand was everywhere from advertising banners, beach parasols and signage. And it is a very refreshing drink.


7.Turkish Lira monetary sign

Finally, the new Turkish Lira sign is now being displayed in all the shops. (Before this standardisation, it was a mix of ‘TR’ or “TL”). The lowercase ‘l’ and the ‘t’ combines nicely with the double stroke in the symbol.


Andy Fuller

Andy Fuller

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